Learn how to dance or improve, if you can dance already
With us it is the joy of dancing, that is the main focus. We have classes every week for children, teens, young and adults. You can show up in whatever clothes and shoes you want to. The atmosphere at the school is very relaxed, and everybody feels welcome.

We are one of the cheapest dancing schools in Copenhagen, we have some incredibly talented instructors and a nice and relaxed atmosphere on all teams. If you have any wishes about classes and the times of them, which isn't in the program, please feel free to write to us. It is also possible to book private lessons, either alone or as a couple as well as private group lessons. We also offer bachelor/bachelorette parties, children events and company events.

We offer a variety of dances, including: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Standard-Latin, Gafiera, Samba, Rumba, Afro, Dancehall, Ragga, Twerk, Reggaetón, LatinMix, DanceMix, Burlesque, Jazz, Modern Ballet, Dance Technic, Disco, Street dance, House, Funk, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Belly danceBollywood, MTV dance, Breakdance, MGP dancerhythmic dance etc.

The sign up is continuous for every class, and you only pay for the weeks remaining. You decide for yourself, when you want to start. It's always possible to follow along with the team, even though you haven't been with the class from the beginning.

With us, you don’t have to have a dancing partner to sign up for couple dancing classes, usually it will end up equally between men and women. If you don’t come with a partner, you will change dancing partner a lot of times, so you will end up dancing with many every time. If you show up with a partner, you will dance together through the whole course. Everybody can participate on our dancing teams regardless of age. There are both youngster and elderly in the classes. Remember your soft shoes and loose clothes.
Why you should start dancing

Dancing gives you new found energy!

"Everybody can be a part.....invest in an unforgettable and intoxicating experience, which will get you in shape and a big smile on the lip. The fun and serious is mixed with technic, strength, courage and humor."

If you need some live and movement in the body, we offer dance classes to everybody who loves dancing: Women, men, singles, couples, children, youngsters and elderly. In dance there is so much cheerfulness and socializing in dance, and we have focus on having a nice atmosphere on the school.

We have examples of singles who have found a relationship with others they have meet at our couple dancing classes, including: Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Standard-Latin etc. We also have a lot of girls/women, who have lost weight and got in shape from our classes of Salsa LadyStyle, LatinMix, Twerk, Dancehall, Hip Hop, House, Street dance, Jazz, Modern ballet, Samba, Bellydance, Bollywood, Burlesque, Reggaetón and Salsa Moves. We have had children who have become better at concentrating in institutions and at school, by using their body and a lot of energy. We have had parents and kids who have spent a lot of quality time together on joint teams as well.

Events with ElStudio

Every year we participate in a lot of activities, including Kulturhavn, Carnival in Copenhagen, Festival 48 hour, activists's days and local events. This gives our members the opportunity to get out and perform, and socialize with members from other clubs and alike. We also regularly host club nights in cooperation with Støberiet, for our members, for them to meet each other and others interested in dance. Once a year we are in charge of a big dancing camp, and we organize dancing courses in Cuba as well. We are also in charge of small festivals and concerts in Denmark, where we invite guest instructors from other contries, to have workshops during the day and perform at night. We have two end of the season parties, one at christmas and one before summer vacation. At this party all the teams will show what they have learned recently, so family and friends can come and watch (it's voluntary to participate).

Keep an eye on the workshop calendar and event calendar on the front page. There will be ongoing updates with new events.

About the association

Stine Ortvad is the initiator of the association and the daily manager of CphDance of ElStudio. Stine is a professional dancer, who studied at the national dance school in Cuba, where she lived and studied modern and Cuban dance for 5 years. Stine is the one, Vild Med Dans(Dancing with the Stars) calls, when the dancers need inspiration. Together with 20 other educated dancers, she teaches at the dance school. All of the instructors manages to inspire and pass on their skills, in a very inspiring and cheerful way.

The dancing association CphDance of ElStudio, is a subsection of the association Cuban Culture Club.

Cuban Culture Club, which is the main association behind CphDance of ElStudio, has existed since 2000. We choose a few years ago to open CphDance as a subsection of the association, to be in charge of all the dancing activities, as we wanted to spread out and offer a lot of different dancing style, as well as increase the awareness for children, youngsters and adults.

Cuban Culture Club is the part of the association, which have been in charge of the Salsa and Latin American classes, events and concerts in Copenhagen and other parts of the country. Cuban Culture Club has also organized Salsa courses in Cuba, for both Danes and the internationals from the rest of the world, has enjoyed combined courses and vacation trips. Stine Ortvad is often on the trips herself as a guide, as she has a deep understanding of the music and cultural live in Havanna. She speaks fluent Cuban (Spanish) and has a broad network in Havanna.

"A trip to Cuba is an unforgettable experience" says Stine Ortvad "This is a place where music, dance and cheerfulness thrive!"

Learn more about the Salsa Courses in Cuba right here. Every year in July the association organizes a Salsa camp in weeks 28, 29 and 30 as well. Read more about it here.