ElStudio Crew

This is our amazing instructors on the weekly classes. Besides them, we have many more instructors, which comes to our events, workshops etc. 

Stine Ortvad

Lady Styling Salsa, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Cuban Moves

Stine Ortvad is the initiator of the dance association and the daily manager of CphDance of ElStudio. Stine is a professional dancer, who studied at the national dance school in Cuba, where she lived and studied modern and Cuban dance for 5 years. Stine is the one, Vild Med Dans(Dancing with the Stars) gives a call, when the dancers need inspiration. Together with 20 other educated dancers, she teaches on the dance school. All the instructors manages to inspire and pass on their dance skills, in a very inspiring and cheerful way. 


Afro-Cuban, Lady Styling Salsa, Reggaetón, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Cuban Moves

Dancer from Cuba, who has been dancing professionally for many years. Her specialty is the folkloric part of the Cuban dance. She has danced in several dance festivals in Cuba, such as: Trinifork (Trinidad), A Tiempo con la Danza (Las Tunas) og Festival af Caribe (Santiago de Cuba).


Hip Hop/MGP

Amalie started dancing as 5 years old and has danced ever since.


For many years she has danced competition dance in showdance. Her main focus is showdance, jazzballet and modern.

She is educated at Fredie Pedersen International Dance Academy, where 3 months took place in Los Angeles. Here she has danced with some of the most talented dancers in the world in virtually all styles. She is also educated at Hotstepper, where the main focus was on urban styles.
She is also educated DanceFit instructor in Fitness World, and dance director at DGI.
For Amalie, it's important to have fun when dancing, as you learn the best in this way. Her hours are a combination of fun and at the same time instructive and serious.





Hip Hop/MGP

Andrea is a young dancer with a passion for the urban dance styles. Andrea teaches a children's dance class here at ElStudio, and has a great educational ability and children sene. Despite her very young age, she is able to live in the children's universe and give them a fun and challenging dance class.


Reggaetón, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Bachata, Cuban Moves, 

Anier has been a member of the dance school for 10 years, and has previously taught at our salsa courses in Cuba, which is affiliated with the National Dance School La ENA. His specialty is Cuban dance, salsa and reggaetón. He is part of the Cuban Moves dance group, who often performs. Anier is an inspiring and fantastic dancer, that has all the Cuban movements with him from Cuba, that he passes on to his students in a fun way. 


Standard-Latin, Swing, Girly Hip Hop

Anne has danced all her life. She is educated from Planum and Stepz, and has danced within many dance genres at competition level since she was a child.

At ElStudio she teaches in Standard-Latin, Girly Hip Hop and Burlesque. Anne's hours are challenging and social, and there is room for both dancing for fun and being ambitious.



Brazilian Funk, Twerk, Reggaetón, Dancehall 

Camila is educated in Physical Education in Brazil, loves dance and has many years of experience with dance. She used to teach dance classes back in Brazil, and has participated as a dancer in famous Brazilian television shows and dance video clips. In Denmark she has performed many dance shows and currently teaches DanceMix at ElStudio.


Jazz Ballet, Hip Hop, MTV Dans

Caroline started in her early years at the age of 2 to dance Standard-Latin and has competed at international level for 13 years.
Caroline then went to Oure Sport og Performance Gymnasium with the main focus on Ballet and Modern. After searching for a higher challenge, Caroline made her Hip Hop training at Copenhagen Dance Space last year of her high school.
Caroline was then admitted to the professional education program at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm with a main focus on Ballet, Modern and Jazz, and she graduated in June 2018.
Caroline has experience and teaches: Ballet, Jazz Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern / Contemporary, Improvisation, Standard and Latin.


Hip Hop, Girly Hip Hop, Hip Hop/MTV-dans, Hip Hop/MGP

Cecilie is a young educated dancer who has taken dance courses at home and abroad. She has been dancing to various dance events, dance shows and music videos in Denmark, including for Distortion and Dancers Day in Tivoli. At ElStudio she teaches in different Hip Hop styles for children, adolescents and adults.


Reggaetón, Dancehall, DanceMix, Mavedans, Jazz og Moderne

Daniela is an educated dancer from Argentina, and has studied in Denmark at Sceneindgangen. She has several years of dance experience from her home country, where she has taught a dance school. She has lived in Denmark for 3-4 years. Daniela is a super sweet teacher who always brings a little humor into dance class.



Jens is Denmark's Champion in Breakdance for children and adolescents (under 18 years). He has been dancing for 5 years. Jens has participated in many competitions in Denmark and abroad.


Jazz & Modern, Afro Jazz, Vinyasa Yoga

Lorena has been dancing since she was 7 years old. She studied her BA in choreography at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, and has performed and worked in various countries such as Argentina, Spain, Germany, South Africa and Denmark. Now she combines her life with teaching in dance, yoga and pilates.

Louise (Twerk Queen)


Louise, better known as Twerk Queen, is Denmark's leading Twerk dancer. She is also educated in psychology at the University of Copenhagen. She has managed to make all Denmark aware of this trendy dance form, with the focus on the balls. According to Twerk Queen, Twerk is a feminist dance, where you appreciate the natural body in all its greatness.


Brazilian Samba, Afro Brazilian, LatinMix, Creative Dance
Luciano has his own samba group and has taught in Denmark for 10 years.


Hip Hop/streetdance, House, DanceMix

Maria have always had urban dance in her life. It became really serious when she started in 2014 at Hotsteppers 1-year Hip Hop and Urban dance education in KBH.
One of Maria's main strenghts as dancer is her groove, soft movements and expressing different emotions. She mostly focuses on the styles Hip Hop, House and Waacking. In addition to a lot of dance training, she has participated in various dance projects, such as dancer for Drag Queen Miss Boney Honey, in Top Notch Crew's dance video and to Danish Open Belly Dance (2016). At ElStudio she teaches children, adolescents and adults.


Girly Hip Hop, Dancehall, House, Bellydance Fusion

Michaela from "Denmark's got Talent" was introduced to bellydance when she was 15 years old, by her then English teacher, who was a recognised dancer within the Danish bellydance community. Since then, she has broadened her dance horizon by attending a two year modern and classical dance education in Århus, and hereafter she attended the Hotstepper 1-year Hip Hop and Urban dance education. Although she has been exposed to many dance styles over the years, she has developed her own style mixing oriental dance background with dance styles such as Dancehall, Waacking, Classic Modern and more.


DanceMix, Hip Hop, House, Waacking, Dancehall, Twerk, LatinMix, RetroMix

Mikaela has been dancing since she was 9 years old and loves to explore different styles and subgenres. Mikaela has taken 3 dance educations through Fitness World and has participated in a dance project at Det Kongelige Teater. In addition to dancing at various dance schools in Denmark, Mikaela has taken the dance special at GIH: The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, and danced at several recognized dance schools in NYC.

Besides the dance, Mikaela is soon a graduate physiotherapist and enjoys combining this with the dance. At Mikaela's classes you are guaranteed sweat on your forehead and a smile on your lips.



Mikael has been dancing breakdance since 2002. Since then he has danced for the Danish Queen, performed at the Eurovision Song Contest live final, participated in competitions at home and abroad and traveled around the world with theater and shows.



MGP/Hip Hop/MTV Dans

Miranda Hansen is a very talented dancer. She has danced since she was very young and has therefore experienced many different styles like Dancehall, Hip Hop, La Style, Burlesque, Pop Commercial and Girly Style. She is a very ambitious girl and has participated in various competitions throughout her life. Among other things, "Word of Dance 2016" where her Crew "Joy Soldiers" ended in the top 10. She has also performed on the green scene in Tivoli in front of a large audience.

The best Miranda knows is to see her students develop, with a smile on the lip and sweating on the forehead. Miranda loves to follow the development of each student and looks forward to a lot of delicious dance.


Girly Hip Hop, Burlesque

Nancy is an Estonian girl, who has danced several styles: Linedance, Bellydance, Showdance, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, Girly Hip Hop, Dancehall and Burlesque.

Her passion within dance is mostly to feminine styles as she prioritizes performance and sensuality in dance more than anything else. She makes sure that every woman in every age and shape will find her inner confidence and sexiness while dancing.


"Dance is all about expressing your feelings. A routine is worth nothing if there is no passion and emotion behind it."


Cuban Salsa, Bachata

Pia is a Physical Education teacher from Chile. She has been linked to the Salsa and Latin rhythms since she was 15 years old. During 2008 and 2012 she participated in different Salsa groups in Santiago and Valparaíso, Chile. Also during these years she was in charge of Salsa classes, and latin classes in different clubs and fitness centers. Now she is ready to make you vibrate and feel the same passion in every Salsa class here in Copenhagen. 


Moderne Dans, Kreativ Dans

Rose has danced since she was a little girl. She is educated from 'Dansestudiet Århus' basic education and Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School in Copenhagen. She has danced several performances throughout the country, won the competition: "Make your move" (Aarhus) and the "choreography competition" Copenhagen, has been dancing on the "elite company" and made movies and music videos. She is specialized in Modern Dance and Choreography and has taught children and young people at ElStudio for 3 years.




DanceMix, Afro, Jazz, Girly

Simone has been dancing professionally since she was 16. She has made big and small stage shows and has been on tour around Denmark with artists. In addition, she has been FCK Cheerleader for 6 years. Simone has traveled in both Africa and Brazil and has a love for the exotic rhythms and drums. Her classes are a mix of Girly spiced with Afro. In the classes she focuses on radiance, and on how to highlight all the delicious female forms.

"Choreography is not paramount, but how it is delivered makes all the difference."


Argentinsk Tango

Tamara is an experienced and passionate travelling dancer. She has worked in different dance studios around Buenos Aires. Doing Tango and Ballet performances, she has studied at the National Art University of Argentina. She graduated and taught dance and tango. She had the opportunity to dance at important events and shows in Buenos Aires. Dancing in different parts of the world, transmitting her passion for dance, which is the original dance of her beloved Argentina.


Rytmisk Dans for Børn

Vicky is adopted from India. She has danced since she was 2 years old, where she danced sports dance at tournament level. She has danced professional Jazz Ballet, Funk, Riverdance, Step, and Classical Ballet, Show Dance, Hip Hop, Lambada, Jitterbug, Rock 'n' Roll, Techno Dance etc.

Vicky has taught for several years as a dance instructor and worked as a production manager at a theater for children 12-16 years.


Girly Hip Hop, Rytmisk Dans, Hip Hop/MGP

Xenia has danced since she was very small. She has participated in various dance competitions in both Denmark and abroad and has always loved to experiment with different styles. She is educated in Copenhagen within everything from Hip Hop to Ballet. However, she has always had a passion for the feminine and commercial part of the dance, which she cultivates as part of Copenhagen White Cats, and as a cheerleader for FC Copenhagen. In her teaching, she highlights the fact that everybody is having fun and getting a good break from the everyday life. At the same time, she ensures that you get challenged and get sweat on the forehead.