Dance for company events

It could be either a festive feature for the staff meeting, or show and education for this year's Summer, Easter or Christmas lunch.

Dance in Copenhagen and the surrounding area for companies and institutions - for both small and large groups.

We offer dance workshops for all kinds of events. Everyone can join, no matter age or gender, and you do not need any dance experience to participate.
The classrooms are located at Nørrebro, Islands Brygge and City (close to Central Station). We can also come to your place, then the only thing you need is a music stereo with AUX-cable/mini jack-stick (or evt. Bluetooth), where our instructor can connect their smartphone.

A dancing event has to most importantly be fun! With us you get fx get an hour of fun and joyous dance experience from our wonderful instructors. Our instructors are all educated dancers, who always can get a big smile on peoples faces.

We customize the event to fit to your wishes

Depending on how many participants your are, we can put together a program to make sure it will cover your wishes. We can also offer you a dance show before or after the workshop. The prices depends on the number of dancers - write us to hear more. 

We offer the following dance styles:

Twerk, Dancehall, Salsa, Bachata, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Breakdance, MTV Dance, Showdance, Stripfitness, Burlesque, Bellydance, Bollywood, Standard/Latin, Couples dance, Bollywood, Afro Dance, Tango, Samba, Flamenco, Reggaetón, Rumba, LatinMix, RetroMix, DanceMix and more

If you have special requests, please write us, and you will get just the dance style you wish for


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We have made it easy for you. Send us a Booking request by this formular.

We only book for whole hours. You can book from early in the day till evening.

Be aware, that there can go a half day before you get answer on your request. If it is urgent, please call us on 20987477.

When you book you will receive an email with all information, together with a link, where you have to click and pay, the latest 8 days, after you receive the email. After payment is completed, you will receive a receipt to your email. When you receive the receipt, the booking is binding for both parties.

Contact us at +45 20 98 74 77, or send us an email at for a non-binding offer