Dance workshop for bachelorette party

The price is for one hour of dance workshop. You can also book several hours and get a discount.

Bachelorette party at our place

OBS: See list of locations here, to see which have possibility for showering
In rooms without possibility for showering
(We book the room. The price is incl. rent of the room)
In rooms with possibility for showering
(We book the room. The price is incl. rent of the room) 
If you are 3-10 participants: 1200 kr. 
If you are 3-10 participants: 1400 kr.
If you are 11-20 participants: 1400 kr. 
If you are 11-20 participants: 1600 kr. 
If you are more than 20 participants: 2000 kr. 
If you are more than 20 participants: 2000 kr.

Bachelorette party at your place

For groups of 3-10 participants: 1200 DKK 

For groups of 11-20 participants: 1600 DKK 

For groups of more than 20 participants: 2000 DKK 

Extra fee

If the event is far away from Copenhagen, there will be a little extra fee for transport and driving.
There may also be an evening fee, after 7 pm, depending of the size of the group (if it is smaller groups). 

Other bachelorette packages

Massage for the bride-to-be or groom-to-be (1 hour): 650 DKK. (can only be booked in the classrooms on Nørrebro) 

First dance/private classes for a couple (1 hour): 650 DKK. 

Private classes for individuals: 500 DKK. 

"Other bachelorette packages" can also be given as a gift card. The one you give the gift card to, shall remember to contact us, when they will use it, with date and dance style, then we make a booking.

Send us a Booking request

Important practical information

  • If the person paying is another than the one who booked the bachelor/bachelorette party, please REMEMBER to write an email to us, with that bookers name, so we can find him/her.
  • If you have booked an event, and find out, you are more participants, than you have paid for, you must contact us the latest 2 days, before the event and pay for the difference.
  • Cancellation policy: The booking is binding for both parties. If you cancel, the latest, two weeks before the event, you get half of the amount refunded. If you cancel later than this, there is no refund.